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If you are reading this, it's likely you are an anonymous user. (Noob.)

You may be wondering, what can you do here as an anonymous user?

The answer? Not much.

Unless you happen to be Superman (which is very unlikely), as an anonymous user you can:

  • read pages on the wiki.
  • edit most pages.
  • and create pages.

Unregistered users/contributors (the other name for you noobs), due to their inexperience, usually have no idea how to do this stuff anyway. So unless you make an account you're pretty much stuck.

There's also another disadvantage to being one: Because of your noobness, you have no username. Your IP address is used instead. Well, supreme dictators like us can use your IP address to find out where you live.

Yes, that's right. Using only three simple tools, the Wikipedia search bar, the Google Maps search bar, and the cut n' paste tool, we are known to find unregistered contributors and, at gunpoint, make them create an account.

Another good reason to make an account.

This lack of things to do and vulnerability to madmen are usually enough to make an anonymous user create an account. If you want to make one, we'll tell you how. If not, the helicopters will arrive at your residence shortly.

So, how do you create an account?

How you create an accountEdit


Helpful diagram to the right.

Well, there's this thingy at the top right of the page. You see the thingy? Good. (If you don't (noob), we have a helpful diagram to the right.)

There are two buttons: Log in and Sign up. In truth there are three buttons, but the third one is some Facebook crap that nobody uses anyway. Don't worry about it.

The Log in button is for people that log in to their already-present accounts. The Sign up button was created just for you. I mean you unregistered contributors. Not you sitting in your cubicle wishing you had just taken that offer to be a pastry chef instead of working in this hellhole---you know what I mean.

Click the Sign up button.


Helpful diagram to the left. Notice how this image is cropped to show only the parts that are needed.

Now, you are faced with a new screen, shown in this helpful diagram to the left. This is the tough bit.

You are supposed to fill out every single one of those blanks. Frightening, isn't it? Luckily for you, the following presents how you do such a thing:

  • Username: In this field you enter the name you wish to use on the wiki. Make it a good one. Not only is is irreversible, it's used across Wikia. So if you happen to join the Pokemon Wiki with the username "Pikachu is a big dick" I doubt you're going to be welcomed there. So, what are some good username choices? If you are 157% certain you are only going to edit this wiki, then make it whatever the hell you want. Otherwise, something like "Happy Cat" should be safe enough, unless there happens to be a wiki out there about angry felines that you want to join. Also, your real name is probably not a wise choice, if you're not the President. If you're avoiding robbers and your username is "Mr. Harry Sanders, 275 Ash Street, Peterson, Iowa 51047", don't expect to remain Mister Happy Harry for long.
  • E-mail address: Now, this is a tricky one. A few really nasty dictators have a tendency to sniff out your email address using the Sign up button, and generally cause some good (for us) havoc. If you think you're safe (make sure your virus software is up to date), go ahead and stick your email in. Or just use a fake one. And don't bother to read the "Why is email required?" crap, it never tells you anything.
  • Language: You speaky English? If so, leave that bit where it is.
  • Lengua: ¿Habla usted español? Si es así, cambiar el idioma al español.
  • Langue: Parlez-vous français? Si c'est le cas, changer la langue au français.
  • Γλώσσα: Μιλάς ελληνικά, με κάποια θαυματουργή ευκαιρία; Αν ναι, αλλάξτε τη γλώσσα την ελληνική. Είστε ένα επιστημονικό δικτάτορας!
  • Birth Date: This is an easy one. Any dictator worthy to be a dictator knows when he was born. If you want, create a fake one. We don't care, and neither do you.
  • Password: This is the pinnacle of your life as dictator. Make sure it's something hard to guess---your fellow mischievous dictators will constantly be trying to hack into your account (cause that's what we do). A password like "dictator" isn't going to get you anywhere...fuck, I shouldn't have said that, shouldn't I...anyway, it also needs to be something you'll remember. What's the likliehood you're going to remember how to spell antidisestablishmentarianism? And try not to create a password beyond 10 words.
  • Retype password: Retype password.
  • And, the blurry word: Yes, this is the one that every living soul on this earth hates. But thank God, they're easy as hell. If you ca't get a blurry word right, please slam your head into the computer keyboard until some smarts enter your brain or until you perish of trauma, exhaustion, and/or electrocution. Thank you.

Now, you are almost ready to create your account. There are a few more things on this screen to know about, though:

  • There is a box with words next to it that says "Remember my login on this computer." If you are a sensible dictator (few are, but), do not check this box. Imagine what would happen if your idiot brother stumbles across your open account with the controls to launching your nukes! Everybody's gone through this, and they don't want it to happen again. It's a waste of perfectly good nukes.
  • There is also a a box that is already checked. It says "Send me information about Wikia news and events." We recommend you uncheck this box, because if you do not your email will be spammed with useless Wikia babble. Dictators have to check enough mail as it is, so this is a hassle.
  • There is also one more batch of text, with a link. It says "By creating an account, you agree to Wikia's Terms of Use. Don't bother to follow the link, all it is is a 30-page circular argument about pigs.

Now, click the button that says "Create account."

BANG! You have created your account!

If you think this is the greatest step in the life of a Wikia user, think again, sunshine.

Of course, if you are already registered, this entire page was a big fat waste of your time. But it's good to know this crap, even if it is crap.

Now, learn what a registered user can do.

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