In the Beginning...
Sadly, the time traveling wiki user forgot to look up "Blinovitch Limitation Effect" on the Doctor Who Wiki before setting off.

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This is the first. You are at the beginning. You have entered the Twilight Zone...

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Creating a membership card

In the beginning, Jimbo Wales created Wikipedia and the Wikia. But this divine creation didn't stop idiots forgetting how to use the two. So here you are.

Sorry? You're new to Wikia?

Oh, hello! This is a guide for the first-time wiki user. At first, all the buttons can seem daunting. The positions of the buttons? Even more so. But before we begin, you should know this story:

Long ago, around November 2010 AD, Wikia was a happy and friendly place. But then, the staff introduced a frankly hideous design to the wikis. A lot of people were outraged. But, being the friggin' idiots that they were, the staff saw this as a message of approval and permanently replaced the happy skin named Monaco with this freak they called Oasis. More like Pit of Rotting Feces Mixed with Acid Rain, the Whole Thing Being on Fire. This new look still malfunctions from time to time, and prevents editing for a good few minutes, and of course the minutes in which simply everybody is on and making important edits.

But alas, this wiki's creator had spent so much time looking at this piece of shit that he had forgotten all about the other skin, Monobook, and when he finally came to his senses and changed it, he had forgotten where all the buttons were, meaning the guide on how to use Wikia can sadly be only for Oasis.

So there you have it. That's why all the buttons are in impossible positions.

Because of this fact, we'll be telling you how to do things, instead of them. If you really wish to learn the rules from them instead of us, go to the Help Wiki, but if you do, don't think you'll get a very friendly welcome here. OK?

Now that you've decided to learn from us (thank you), welcome! You'll have lots to learn. Please try to follow the pages in order; if you know some bits just go through it anyway, you big baby.

So, if you are an anonymous user, why not learn how to create an account?

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