If you are reading this page, you should be a registered user. (No? Become one, damn you!!!) Either you have just become one using our handy directions or you have toiled through that same page already registered. Welcome either way.

What can you do as a registered user? Let's find out:

  • You can have your own userpage.
  • You can have a permanent talk page.
  • You can have preferences (royalty!).
  • You can rename pages.
  • You can keep track of your conquests/contributions.
  • And you can upload photos.

We will tell you how to do this all soon. First, we must go over two important details. Yes, we must. It's like college again, isn't it?

AAAAAAAAAAGH! I've lost my password!Edit


Encircled in red, this is the needed link. Study hard, young Jedi.

If this fate should befall you, we will track you down, take your valuables, and beat you with big sticks. Then, if you can still move your fingers and get to the computer, go to the Log in screen. If your eyes still work you should see a link that says "Email new password." Click it.

No biggie, right?

Then get on your email, where further instructions from Washington will be waiting. The rest of the instructions are there.

AAAAAAAAAAGH! I hate my life!Edit

If, by some chance, you get tired of life and wish to kill yourself, you probably want someone to get rid of your account (or do it yourself). There are a few ways to do this.

Firstly, an account can never be fully deleted. Sorry. But they can be disabled.

If you wish, you can just stop using your account. This is fine, but other hackers may be able to hack into your account and hack at things. Little hackers.

You can also remove your email and scramble your password on the preferences screen. That way it is 95% certain your account can't be used again.

However, these processes don't remove your edits. This is perfectly fine, as we're sure you want your supreme influence to remain standing (even though you will not be).

If you want this to happen (traitor) you'll have to contact Wikia Staff. So don't.

So, how do you publicly pronounce yourself as ruler?

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