Welcome to the World Domination Wiki!


This is what we do.

We are a humorous wiki dedicated to "world domination, dictators, and plain blowin' stuff up." You are welcome to contribute!

For the serious Wikian: again, we are a humorous wiki. Please see our disclaimer for further information.

What exactly do we do on this wiki?

You really don't know? Suit yourself. We're a reference for the wannabe world dictator, listing some ways to get started, methods of domination, and what exactly there is left to do when you're finished. We provide helpful tips for the amateur dominator, and the experienced can chat together and devise new ways of destruction.

For new users!

If you have come across this wiki, please read our disclaimer before reading or editing any further, otherwise we'll cannabalize you...alive.


After you've done that, and you think you are interested in contributing, please take this simple quiz to find where you can start.

If you succeed, read the Beginner's Guide to start your journey of power!

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